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Hawking, the Modern Einstein who Found Singular Formula of Cosmos

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Speaking about media metaphysics is always related to the theories made by Hawking. Hawking or Stephen William Hawking is the well-known British physicist and scientist which also decided so many theoretical concepts. Work for about 40 years brings Hawking to the highest level of scientist position after the era of Einstein. Mainly, Hawking is concern in the field of quantum theories as well as cosmology. That is why all of his book and the seminar are always full of open minded people. Greatest thing which ever exists is when the single formula made to determine changes inside the nature of cosmos.

The formula is basically started by Einstein. However, he never finds it until Hawking creates his version of formula which has the similar purpose and essence. Lots of science facts, theory and even concepts are made by Hawking. It includes all the writing in the book entitled “A Brief History of Time”. The presence of Potentialism Theory are also discussed deeply when he look for some exact science basic related to the black hole. Some other findings are about the quantum gravitation, cosmology as well as the radiation that all represented and found through so many research and writings.

He is the first human to mention about the power of black hole as well as the radiation that might come out from the black hole itself. Time goes by and the theory is proven, then it is called as the Hawking Radiation. Potentialism Theory also becomes one of the aspects to be used when Hawking is determining the connection of quantum mechanism and the relativity’s connection or well known as gravity. He founds and studies some facts about internal atom activity which give a lot of findings for the Grand Unfiled Theory.

Recent books of Hawking also explain some of his basic and previous theory. However, some new thinking is even spread out through the pages of his new book entitled “The Grand Design”. Although it does not made by the help of some other scientists, Hawking theory and 40 years research are explained in simple. One of the popular and debatable theories is the Unifier Theory which becomes the rule why the Big Bang theory is absolutely valid. When everything is based on science and facts, Hawking believes about the power of nature rather than the power of God. Lots of pro and contra are delivered to support the Hawking efforts.