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Career and Study: Can You Have Both?

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People seek for job for different reasons. One is because they need it for living. The other works to kill their time. Another is because they just like the job. You are probably one of the three. Well, there is nothing wrong with working no matter what reasons are. But, it will be a problem for you who are still studying but you have to work at the same time. You will get trouble with splitting time between study and career, right?

Well, working while studying is hard. When the things get more complicated, you may think of giving up one of them. If it is so, which one will you choose? Career or study? Or have you ever thought that you actually can have study and career at once? But how? That is a hard question indeed. If you are working for living, of course you cannot just quit your job that way because if you quit it, automatically you cannot finance your study. You cant go on with your job in the condition that you can split time properly. Never underestimate the tasks your teacher gives. Do it wherever and whenever you have time. You can even bring and do your task in your office. So, if you have free time, you can finish your task.

Things will be easier if you are the one who works just because you have so much free time or because the job fits your hobby. You can whether work or study without pressure. But, you have to be careful because as the time goes by, you may love your job more. So it is possible if someday you forget how much important your study is. If you intend to work just to kill your time, you have to choose the job smartly. Although you are free, never choose the job that takes your time so that you have no time at all for your study. For you work because of your passion, you also have to be careful. Working in the field that you like because the job is fits your hobby or passion will even take all your time and energy. You just keep working and you won