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How an Advanced Degree in Health Law Benefits Nurse Administrators

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The role of a nurse administrator is complex and never easy, at best. However, with rules, regulations and healthcare laws that are continually changing, it is a job that requires constant attention and more than a little knowledge of health law and policy. If you are considering furthering your nursing career with the hopes of becoming a nurse administrator, an advanced degree in health law like this one offers the following benefits.

A Much Higher Rate of Pay

As an RN you are already earning a rate of pay higher than the national average for many jobs that require a bachelor’s degree for entry level positions. However, as an RN with a masters in health policy you can go right to the top of your profession as a nurse administrator or a chief nursing officer (CNO), typically qualifying you for a rate of pay that is 67% higher than you would be making as an RN. The increase in pay is due to greater responsibilities being cast on you, as well as your expertise in healthcare law. Some nurse administrators study business administration, but with a masters in health law you will be in even greater demand. Bear in mind the rapid rate at which healthcare regulations are changing, even as you read this.

Ability to Help Establish Hospital Policy

Having spent years on the floor, you know that there are times when hospital policy doesn’t align well with the needs of your patients. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it as an RN except speak with hospital administration who may, or may not, be interested in hearing what you have to say. Once you have obtained a master’s degree in healthcare law, you will automatically be speaking from a position of authority. As a nursing administrator, people stand up and take notice. Are you looking to improve hospital policies? This is one advanced degree that will put you in a position to do just that.

Greater Job Stability

There are some careers that you can actually educate yourself beyond what you can hope to gain from an advanced degree. Fortunately, this is not the case when you are an aspiring nurse administrator. Any position within the healthcare industry could benefit from an advanced degree in health policy, but it is most suited to nurses and doctors who want to be a vital part of the administrative staff. Nurse administrators with a knowledge of health law have excellent prospects for job stability. After all, compliance with the law is always a top priority in any hospital, so a health law degree puts you in the driver’s seat for the long run.

Because you can expect higher than average pay, better than average job stability, and the respect required for establishing hospital policy, an advanced degree in health law is well worth your efforts. You can study online while continuing on in your current job, but once that degree is in hand it’s time to get moving – upward and onward to that coveted position as the hospital’s nurse administrator.

Does Bad Decision Making in Education Lead to Inappropriate Career?

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Everyone dreams of a good career in his/her life. If it is possible, having a career which does not expel much energy with a great salary is always worth-struggling. However, is it possible to have such career? If you ask to the people who love their careers, they will answer “Yes, it is.” If people love their jobs, it means that they have found their own passion and, the most important, their appropriate career. Then, what is important in deciding the most appropriate career in your life? Big things are begun from little things, so are career decisions. Finding out your proper career is started by finding your passion and interest. When we were kids, we tried as well as felt interested in so many things. Yet in deciding what career to take, many of us do not considering what our interests are. One essential thing is that we often forget that our proper and good careers start from our proper education, and our education background should come from our interests. If you are incapable of choosing the appropriate education choice for you, it is difficult to find enjoyable and suitable jobs. Career espoused by the appropriate education is an additional power for those undertake it. Thus, there are many suggestions that may help you choose education to achieve appropriate career for you.

The first thing you must do is to know your self-potential. If you do not understand what you really want, you will oscillate between every chance that comes to you. Not knowing your own capability causes a terrible mistake since this mistake will bring you to other flaws in your life. Moreover, do not decide your education because of just imitating your friends and others, or even your parents’ compulsion. Make your own way. If you are taking certain major of education, you must be sure that it is because you want it, neither because you want to be like someone else, nor because you must do what your parents want you to. If your decision does not fit your ability, it will be a big loss. To choose education to achieve appropriate career, the other thing that must be your consideration is that you should not choose your education based on prestige. Making decision based on prestige insists that you emphasize on how others will appraise you, not on what you like and want to do. Besides, it shows your carelessness in achieving your life destinations.

Due to those recommendations, you must concern in what you want to be in your future, and think of your capability on certain field. Be careful in deciding your proper education because it will become a bridge that brings you to your future career and life. Remember that to choose education to achieve appropriate career, you must be your self.

Career and Study: Can You Have Both?

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People seek for job for different reasons. One is because they need it for living. The other works to kill their time. Another is because they just like the job. You are probably one of the three. Well, there is nothing wrong with working no matter what reasons are. But, it will be a problem for you who are still studying but you have to work at the same time. You will get trouble with splitting time between study and career, right?

Well, working while studying is hard. When the things get more complicated, you may think of giving up one of them. If it is so, which one will you choose? Career or study? Or have you ever thought that you actually can have study and career at once? But how? That is a hard question indeed. If you are working for living, of course you cannot just quit your job that way because if you quit it, automatically you cannot finance your study. You cant go on with your job in the condition that you can split time properly. Never underestimate the tasks your teacher gives. Do it wherever and whenever you have time. You can even bring and do your task in your office. So, if you have free time, you can finish your task.

Things will be easier if you are the one who works just because you have so much free time or because the job fits your hobby. You can whether work or study without pressure. But, you have to be careful because as the time goes by, you may love your job more. So it is possible if someday you forget how much important your study is. If you intend to work just to kill your time, you have to choose the job smartly. Although you are free, never choose the job that takes your time so that you have no time at all for your study. For you work because of your passion, you also have to be careful. Working in the field that you like because the job is fits your hobby or passion will even take all your time and energy. You just keep working and you won

Training Course for Your Career

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Do you have already had a job but you are stuck in a low position in your office? Well, you probably have experienced a situation in which your partner, who have just hired, get the higher position meanwhile you are stuck in your position. Have you asked yourself why it can be like that? It is probably your integrity or capability that makes you stay in low position. If it is so, what should you do then? Upgrade your quality. That is the answer. But how? It is simple. Find training course for your career to make you more competent in your job.

Upgrading your quality is important no matter how old you are. The more qualified you are, the easier your position in your office is lifted. That is why you have to find training course for your career. There are many trusted course institutions out there that you can choose. In choosing the institution, first you have to consider the major. Choose the major that fits your job. For example, if you are an accountant, you can choose accountancy as your major for your course.

Choosing the major that has no relation with your career is fine but think of it twice. It will take your time even more. You must be very busy with your job and your course. Usually, it happens to people whose jobs are not according to their hobby. So, they just look for another release. For example, an accountant who has photography hobby will look for a course about photography. It is ok to join any course but you have consider your time. Instead of lifting your position, it will ruin your career. Of course you don