Does Bad Decision Making in Education Lead to Inappropriate Career?

Everyone dreams of a good career in his/her life. If it is possible, having a career which does not expel much energy with a great salary is always worth-struggling. However, is it possible to have such career? If you ask to the people who love their careers, they will answer “Yes, it is.” If people love their jobs, it means that they have found their own passion and, the most important, their appropriate career. Then, what is important in deciding the most appropriate career in your life? Big things are begun from little things, so are career decisions. Finding out your proper career is started by finding your passion and interest. When we were kids, we tried as well as felt interested in so many things. Yet in deciding what career to take, many of us do not considering what our interests are. One essential thing is that we often forget that our proper and good careers start from our proper education, and our education background should come from our interests. If you are incapable of choosing the appropriate education choice for you, it is difficult to find enjoyable and suitable jobs. Career espoused by the appropriate education is an additional power for those undertake it. Thus, there are many suggestions that may help you choose education to achieve appropriate career for you.

The first thing you must do is to know your self-potential. If you do not understand what you really want, you will oscillate between every chance that comes to you. Not knowing your own capability causes a terrible mistake since this mistake will bring you to other flaws in your life. Moreover, do not decide your education because of just imitating your friends and others, or even your parents’ compulsion. Make your own way. If you are taking certain major of education, you must be sure that it is because you want it, neither because you want to be like someone else, nor because you must do what your parents want you to. If your decision does not fit your ability, it will be a big loss. To choose education to achieve appropriate career, the other thing that must be your consideration is that you should not choose your education based on prestige. Making decision based on prestige insists that you emphasize on how others will appraise you, not on what you like and want to do. Besides, it shows your carelessness in achieving your life destinations.

Due to those recommendations, you must concern in what you want to be in your future, and think of your capability on certain field. Be careful in deciding your proper education because it will become a bridge that brings you to your future career and life. Remember that to choose education to achieve appropriate career, you must be your self.