How to Design a Stunning Bathroom Still Conducive to Accessibility

Whether you yourself are experiencing either temporary, or indeed permanent, issues with walking and getting around your home, or you have maybe asked your elderly parent to move into your own family home so you can take care of them, changes to the design of your home will need to be made.

One such change, which once you start is assuredly far less stressful and less of an upheaval than you may think, is to redesign the bathroom.

So, with this in mind, continue reading to learn how to design a stunning bathroom still conducive to accessibility.

A Wet Room-Style Shower

Naturally, the most important function of a bathroom for anybody is (regardless of whether they have issues regarding accessibility or not) to be able to shower or bathe safely, each and every day.

There are, undeniably, numerous advantages to upgrading your bathroom design by removing the bathtub (especially if you rarely use it due to the increase in water and energy bills) and instead replacing it with a wet room from the prestigious kitchen and bathroom suppliers found at

Just a selection of the most impressive benefits of a wet room, aside from being a much safer and easier bathing alternative for wheelchair users, include:

  • A higher overall value added to your property
  • A beautiful aesthetic focal point
  • A range of design options to fit any space
  • Durable and easy to maintain 

Bright Blue Tiles

Some of the most trending colors for bathrooms in the minds of interior designers right now are cobalt, electric, and other bold shades of blue; and you can either decide to replace a shower curtain with a bright, bold, and sturdier shower screen, or choose to paint the walls instead.

Not only are bright blue details in the bathroom fashionable, but if you choose to install a shower wall panel, this will be substantially easier to clean for those who struggle with mobility.

For an additional glamour injection, you could always treat yourself to new bath and hand towels in exactly the same shade of blue.

A Feature Bathtub

If you close your eyes for a moment and conjure up an image of what you perceive to be a luxurious and statement bathroom, the picture in your head is highly likely to involve a freestanding bath tub.

Not only would a larger and more spacious bathtub be easier to climb in and out of (therefore making it much safer for you take a bath) but it will also create a stunning and unique focal point to the room.

A Spacious Toilet and Sink Area

For wheelchair users, it would be practical to seek to widen the length and depth of the bathroom sink to ensure the chair fits squarely inside and to also consider lowering the taps and light pulls.

In addition, the toilet should not be closed in to the point that it is impossible to navigate from sitting to standing, and the installation of grab bars and support rails alongside the toilet and inside the bath are both also strongly advisable.