How, Why and When Do Looks Matter in an Interview?

If someone is chosen for a position based on their looks alone, then we know it’s an unethical and illegal instance of discrimination. While that will continue to happen at times, unfortunately, that is not what we are about to discuss here. We are about to discuss how, why, and when looks do matter in an interview where discrimination is not a factor.

How the Attire Matters

A job interview is, at its core, a competition between the various applicants. The main goal of every interview ever is to impress the interviewer in a way that matters. Your qualifications, work history, and relevant experience will play a huge role for sure, but they are not all that matters. In most interviews, the difference in qualifications and experience between the top candidates are not really that big. At that point, how well you present yourself as both a professional and a potential colleague is likely going to make all the difference.

Since the first thing that your interviewers will notice about you on entering the interview room is you, make sure that you look presentable. It does not matter whether you are wearing your own Armani suit, because it’s about whether you are wearing the right kind of clothing that’s appropriate for that specific interview, irrespective of whether you rented it or not. It’s the effort and mental awareness that is noticed and valued. On the other hand, attending a formal interview in casual clothing from an expensive luxury fashion brand will only serve to create a negative impression, lowering your chances of landing the job.

How Your Looks Matter

As human beings, we all make most of our decisions based on visual cues. That does not necessarily mean we always choose the best looking options, but rather that we tend to rely more on our eyes than on any of the other four primary senses. Therefore, if you look like someone who has had the mental awareness to make an effort towards appearing clean, proper, and tidy for an important job interview, rest assured that you will create a good impression on the interviewers.

It shows that you believe in preparation and that you plan before taking steps. Just be sure to back that first impression up by presenting relevant knowledge about the available post and the company later during the interview. For more information on how to look your best on short notice, visit

When Do Looks Matter Most?

There are certain jobs where how you look will be prioritized above all else because your looks will be part of the job role itself. For example, an actor must fit the character in looks, if they are applying for the role in a play. Attractiveness may or may not have anything to do with their suitability, depending on the role for which they are applying.

For example, a young actress is less likely to be chosen if the play needs someone to play the grandmother. In modelling, however, good looks will play a big role in determining whether you get the job or not. That may not always be the case though, as it depends mostly on what kind of models the company is looking for.

Now that you know why it matters and when, just be sure to put that knowledge to your advantage before your next interview. Never forget that an interview for a lucrative position is always a competition and being able to present yourself well will always give you a major competitive edge.