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Does College Guarantee A Financial Freedom?

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Studying at college and school is some kind of tradition and no one can imagine that something can be different. Unfortunately, studying at these educational institutions doesn’t always guarantee high salary or financial freedom. Students even don’t know the meaning of “financial freedom” at university. All of them want money, a lot of money, but have not the slightest idea how to get them. Almost 95% of them end as simple office workers and members of working class. Their life is not going to be gorgeous and great because they are currently working for aims of those 5%, who have changed their mindsets and achieved something.


Schools, colleges and universities are institutions, which were designed to bring up a big working class, who would do everything according to the system. Such a situation is observed in all the countries, but it differs in the level of consciousness and economic development. But the general situation is the same. Students are some kind of instrument and they are growing up according to all the standards and requirements of a higher, more powerful system. Almost all of them unwillingly agree to this approach and after graduation find a job with steady working hours, start a family and so on, nothing interesting.
In most cases we get a theoretical knowledge in educational institutions, sometimes this is not even enough to help with essay writing for university or college. This theory is not necessary for getting financial freedom. Only 5% of students can get out of this system and start their own business, hiring those 95%. This happens because there are no subjects at colleges and universities, which would teach how to behave with money, how to become rich and financially independent. If all the young people know how to do this, it would be difficult to bring up obedient workers, who are so necessary for each country.


When the student years start, everyone thinks that he should take everything from this time. It’s a part of life full of parties, alcohol, boyfriends, girlfriends and other different things, which can’t help with financial freedom. A student is a creature, which likes to waste money and only little number of them start saving some dollars while studying at college.
A habit of living a “current day”, wasting money on various trifles and constant parties pursues students even after graduation. When the last day of university begins, some of them are really puzzled what to do next. They simple don’t know, because they are not ready for real and practical life.


Everyone knows the stories about the world’s richest people and lack of their education at universities. A majority of them do not have college degrees. These billionaires and millionaires have proved that university education is not necessary, if you are so eager to become financially independent. A desire is the most significant. Do you know such people as Ralph Lauren, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs??? All of them do not have any college degrees. Some were dropped out of college; some left it to join army. What would you say now? Is your college is so essential?
Again, one should change his mind before starting some business. You should start thinking as a rich man already, even though you still have no money. Those who step out of the system and become “strange” usually appear to be the most successful. If you are doing something different as your college mates, maybe, soon your life will change considerably.

HOW TO BECOME 1 of 5%?

If you really feel that something is wrong with your college and you can’t understand why you should go there every day, start doing something. Maybe you don’t need it at all. If it seems that you should change something, do it. Try to understand what you love doing most in your life and start implementing it. Be one of those 5%! Don’t let the system break your aims! If you don’t know from what to start, buy a biography of the richest people in the world and read their history. You would certainly find someone of them to inspire you and tell you what to do next.

Posted by Adela Belin