Ways to Create a Vintage Design Aesthetic for Your Home

Luckily, every single person has different ideas of what they deem to be the right ‘look’ for their home and therefore create a personalized ambiance and cultivate a different ambiance because of this.

However, if you are someone who longs for the refined and etiquette-filled days of Downton Abbey to be brought back into the modern times, then a vintage interior design framework may well be the one for you.

With this in mind, here are four ways to create a vintage design aesthetic for any size home.

1.   A Retro Color Scheme

Once you have thoroughly decluttered the space and, indeed, have removed any items of furniture or smaller items of decor and ornaments not in keeping with vintage design, it is the first time to repaint the walls, or indeed, wallpaper them.

Focus your search for the ideal color scheme around the 1950s and 1960s pastels, soft colors, and tones, and if you are interested in this particular period, then wallpaper may be the best choice. Alternatively, if you are looking for a vintage, retro color scheme reminiscent of the 1970s, then brown, earthy tones and warm oranges are best for pure, clean-painted walls.

2.   A Period Fireplace

Another beautiful installation that, although slightly more expensive than other suggestions within this article, would be a period fireplace for your living room or the master bedroom.

Period fireplaces, especially those from prestigious and established suppliers such as stonewoods.co.uk, are the epitome of vintage-inspired interior design and, as you will find out, are far more affordable than you may previously have thought.

From the simple fact that you will see an impressive reduction in your energy bills as a result of investing in a fireplace to heat only the room you are in, you will also benefit from an instantly more intimate ambiance far more closely linked to times gone by.

3.   Rustic Furniture

One of the sheer beauties of choosing a vintage-inspired interior design for your home is that, far from requiring any visitor to remove their shoes, cover their jeans in a sheet, and only perch on the very edge of the sofa, rustic furniture is the best.

Worn, second-hand, and even authentically vintage wooden furniture is the perfect addition to any room, and from your bedroom to your living room kitchen, make the most of any upcycling skills either you or a loved one possesses.

4.   A Touch of the French

The fourth and final way to inject an atmosphere of vintage glamour and decadence is to borrow ideas and inspiration from French interior design of a vintage nature.

Imagine a more feminine and altogether more frivolous and floatier appearance to everything g from the curtains and blinds at the windows and the textiles and materials you choose to furnish your chairs, bed, and desk with.

Additionally, colors such as duck-egg blue and light pastel pinks for the kitchen cabinets make for a vintage statement like no other.