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What You Must Know as Freshman in College Life

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Remember that college life is totally different with high school. The most difficult time is the transition time when you become a freshman. However even though after you has been older students, you will face another college problem that sometime can be really frustrating. If you cannot manage well your life and prevent any common problem during college, your college life can be ruined. Therefore here I will give you several tips to face the transition of high school toward college life as freshmen college student on you are on your campus.

Budget and cost

The cost of college is not cheap. Therefore you as the student and your parent must manage well your budget. You must be wise for how would you spend your money. Remember you first destination going to college. Prioritize your needs for collage first. However you also must aware with the hidden cost. One that you must do is keeping a record for all of your expenditure during your study. Write down any your expenditure including your clothes shopping, extracurricular spending, your cost spending night with your friends and other expenditure during your college. The record can help you to know how much do you need and how much you can save.

Good Friends are important

During your college life, you will face a new world. You will place on new place where you perhaps didn’t know anyone. Remember that you cannot do things all on your own. Therefore friends are important for you. But you must know what kinds of friend that is good for your college and your study also. Pick a friend that can accept you as what you are not what you have. Sometimes there are some students who enjoy their college life without considering their responsible for study. You can be friend with them avoid to often get along with them. You better be friend with someone who can help you each other for college life and also for your study.

Time is important

During you college life, time is really important. Every second on your college life is priceless. Therefore manage your time wisely. Prioritize you class. Go to your class. Remember that you are studying. Don’t ever skip or even underestimate the important of your class. If you take extracurricular activity, it means that you must manage well you time between for your study, extracurricular activity, and your rest time. The more activity you have the less your rest time you will have.