How To Become an HOA Manager

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A Home Owners Association, or HOA, manager can be a dynamic career choice. Many communities in Nevada are increasingly utilizing HOA management companies, causing a higher demand and making the position more lucrative than in the past. An HOA manager in Nevada requires a Community Association Management license. In order to obtain this, the state has many education and training requirements for the position, so it can be confusing to newcomers. However, the steps below will outline the entire process for you.

1. Application Process

The state of Nevada has put requirements in place to ensure HOA managers are not involved in criminal activity or utilizing the properties for money laundering. Therefore, there is an extensive criminal background check, including sending in a photograph and fingerprints. The application requires listing an individual’s job history, as well as recommendations from people within the property management industry. The Nevada Real Estate Division will then take up to two months to process the application, but the process can be lengthened if needed.

2. Education

Sixty hours of education are needed in order to be qualified for the license. Schools offering these courses will cover all topics related to managing communities, including training on laws, managing finances, maintenance and budgeting. They also teach individuals specific state regulations and how to utilize contracts within the field.

3. Passing the Test

Once the education is completed, a person needs to register to take the exam. It requires at least a score of seventy-five percent to pass. It is often helpful to take practice tests and utilize study guides to prepare for the exam. After a person passes the exam and receives the certificate, he or she is also required to continuing education every two years.

4. Practical Experience

At this point, an individual would be qualified to be a provisional community manager. This position would be to learn from and shadow a supervising community manager for at least two years. The idea is that a person needs to have practical job experience for the role. After the two-year period, the individual can submit an application to the Nevada Real Estate Division to become a community manager.

Although a lengthy process, becoming an HOA manager is a rewarding and interesting career choice. Each day brings different challenges, and the role can be a lucrative one. If you are dedicated to the application process, education, and experience requirements, it’s a great choice for motivated individuals.

Homeschooling makes kids smarter

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School should be a fun thing to do where children come to get knowledge, meet and socialize with friends. However, in fact, some children get pressured from school for not scoring high, for being different from other students, and for being smarter than the rest of the students. That is why some parents choose to homeschool their child to avoid such things. There might be some arguments that students from homeschooling will not have social skills better or they are not smarter than the public school’s student. If you are interested in this topic, you should read more to learn that homeschooling has many advantages.

It is already a public secret that students feel more pressured than happy for attending school. Learning should be a happy activity in any way until they feel like learning is not an obligation but it is something they love. Unfortunately, they can not get it at public school. In homeschooling, they can choose which subject or knowledge they want to learn without being forced to be mastered in a subject that they do not like. Moreover, rather than scoring high, homeschooling teaches them how to take value in every subject that they can learn and practice it in everyday life.

Friends and surrounding are what makes parents worry the most when they send their child to public school. But when homeschooling, parents know whom their children socialize with and how the environment treats them. Besides teachers, friends and the environment are two factors that can also influence how the child thinks. They will become closed and depressed if they grow up in an environment that likes verbal abuse or bullying events. Meanwhile, they will be someone who believes in their potential and has better self-esteem when they are in a supportive environment.

If you think that homeschooling students will instead become anti-social people, then you are wrong. Homeschooling students will be able to interact with people older than them and it can help them to develop their social skills by learning to older people. Children at their age tend to imitate someone’s behavior. If it is a positive behavior, it is great. What worry the parents most is that the will copy and get influenced by their same age friend who does bad habits.

In conclusion, homeschooling is better for the children in some aspect. It also makes them smarter because they get knowledge that they will not ever get if they attend public school.

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Amazing Summer Course Experience You Never Knew Before

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As a student, you should try to join summer course at least one. This activity surely will gives memorable and great experience during your college years. After graduated from college, you will have many memories about summer school to tell your little siblings or even your future children! Moreover, you may find your summer fling from this activity. And who knows that your summer fling could be your true love? So, there are still many reasons to join this summer school programs.

You could consider about the summer course benefits before applying for one. This activity could be found almost everywhere, either on your own country or even abroad. If you know that your college conducts a summer school this year, you could think to register on that event. Especially when your professor becomes one of the speakers in the event. Some professors will give extra credit for their students who join their session. Commonly, they will give some teaser about class materials for the next semester. By joining that session, you will be one step ahead from your classmates.

However, some students want to attend a summer course on other universities or colleges too. This will be good opportunity to learn outside your own college. You may get more perspectives and knowledge’s about certain subjects from other institutions. So, this could be good options for students who want to get new “air” outside their schools. You could share what you get from that event to other students when new semester begins. If you feel hesitate, you could ask your friends to attend that sessions together.

How about the registration fee for those summer schools? Because they are additional classes during summer time, students who want to participate should pay for certain amount of money. If you don’t have enough budgets, you could apply for fully funded summer school 2017. Definitely, money will not be a barrier for students who truly want to engage on those activities. Nevertheless, you should apply earlier to get that scholarship. Your chance to attend the good summer school freely will be bigger if you apply as fast as possible.

Besides, you could find fully funded youth programs abroad to get more experiences. For that event, you should prepare yourself from smaller to bigger things. For example, you may have to prepare for basic language if the summer school located in non-English-speaking country. Your preparation for the summer course will be paid with wonderful experiences.

Report Writing Service for Students Overloaded with Work

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  • Formal Paper
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  • Technical or Experimental
  • This paperwork is technical by nature and required by special disciplines or industries. They have defined points and focus on the separate audience. Experimental discourse includes a lot of calculations and data from experiments.
  • Field Analysis
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  • Progress
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  • Book Reports
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